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This was originally published as part of the District 75 Tech Connect Nesletter.



As usual, Apple’s WWDC Conference came with a number of announcements about what’s on the horizon for Mac. You can watch the full keynote and we recommend using an app like Mactracker as a reference for your equipment’s requirements.



Of course there are faster processors, more storage, and expanded memory for the iMac and MacBooks, but the biggest upgrades were to the the iPad Pro (new size & cameras), the iMac Pro, and the HomePod

(think Alexa meets Sonos).


Say hello to iOS 11, macOS High Sierra, and WatchOS4. The mobile platform introduces some design changes including an improved Siri with translation, an updated control center, a file management app, drag and drop, and desktop-like multitasking. The desktop promises upgrades to Safari, file management, and photo editing. For WatchOS users there is new app browsing and fitness coaching. Don’t miss out on the discounted Mac Pro Apps Bundle for educators.

VR & ARScreen Shot 2017-07-19 at 2.19.53 PM

Your Macs will now be capable of running the latest VR equipment and software, and there are new immersive augmented reality capabilities with ArtKit.

Microsoft EduMSFT_logo_rgb_C-Gray1

Microsoft recently announced several new updates to its lineup for education. You can watch the full presentation. To begin they launched Windows 10 S, a streamlined version inspired by students and teachers, that will run on a range of devices many of which use Windows Ink. They can be set up more easily using Microsoft Intune for Education.

Also new apps will be available in an exclusive Microsoft Education Store. Our favorite update though has to be those for Minecraft  Education Edition which allows an in-game Code Builder through apps like Tynker  and ScratchKey-Art-Crop



You can access DOE data about the new Surface 3 and updates to OneNote. You may also want to check the DIIT’s offerings for future Windows 10 training, request a visit from a Microsoft in Education Ambassador, or email Micosoft’s  Makayla Mota.



Google has shown a commitment to education which was illustrated through their first Google PD Week and the Google Science Fair. Some of their best resources remain their CS First platform, Summer of Code, and Internet Awesome curriculum which covers everything from online bullying to fake news.


Google Classroom is now open to even more learners without G Suite for Education accounts. G Suite admins will see new controls for those classes. Our favorite add-ons are below:

  • GroupMaker – randomly assign students to groups
  • Pull the Paragraph – grab all student assignments into 1 spreadsheet
  • Teacher Newsletter – requires some set up, but it creates newsletters customized for each student
  • Comment Maker – quickly email any and all students
  • DriveSlides – save images to a Drive folder & create an image slideshow
  • SlideShot – auto screenshots to use for reflection


For admins, be sure to check out the G Suite Deployment Guide. For the latest and most thorough information go to the Google Education Training Center and follow @GoogleforEdu on Twitter.

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