Star Talking

18 Takeaways From the Discussion Between Neil deGrasse Tyson & Carmen Fariña I had the pleasure of hearing two well-known former New York students and current New York educators discuss the strengths and flaws of our modern educational system. Carmen Fariña, the current New York City Schools Chancellor, had a riveting conversation with Neil deGrasse Tyson, the … Continue reading Star Talking

24 Lessons Learned from the CS Teachers Conference

This weekend was ever New York City Computer Science (CS) Teachers’ Conference, a day of presentations by CS teachers and partners with a gallery of presenters, breakout sessions, keynote speakers (like Chris Emdin), CS authors, and activities all organized by the Computer Science for All team. It was a wonderful opportunity for teachers to connect, … Continue reading 24 Lessons Learned from the CS Teachers Conference

Google Add-Ons & Extensions For Accessibility

You can find a more complete overview of Google Accessibility as well. While Google is leading in many areas when it comes to connecting classrooms with educational technology, they are a bit behind other tech companies when it comes to making those learning opportunities accessible to all learners. Their recent efforts at spoken feedback, voice commands … Continue reading Google Add-Ons & Extensions For Accessibility