EdTech Updates 2018: Bloxels EDU, A Walkthrough

Bloxels had one of the biggest overhauls of any edtech platform recently. While the same basic elements of playful creation from Bloxels Builder remain, the entire structure of the Bloxels EDU system has shifted. They are no longer meant for small individual activities, but they are now able to support a whole classroom structure. I'm … Continue reading EdTech Updates 2018: Bloxels EDU, A Walkthrough

Updates to Apple Education From An Apple Distinguished Educator

Background In their recent keynote, Apple touted their 40 years empowering educational initiatives through their technology. It started with the success of the Apple IIs in classrooms through the early 80s and then in 1984, the Macintosh was touted as a worthwhile but expensive hub for creativity which made it popular at universities. There were stumbles along the way … Continue reading Updates to Apple Education From An Apple Distinguished Educator

50+ Useful EdTech Tools

One of the great things about working in District 75 in New York City is that we have regular bi-monthly meetings where the tech liaisons from our 60+ (and 100s of sites/buildings) schools get together to share and learn. We recently had the opportunity to talk about what tools are benefitting us most in the … Continue reading 50+ Useful EdTech Tools

Mozilla Web Tools For Computer Science

You can find more information on teaching computer science in 7 Ways to Celebrate CS Ed Week, Computer Science With Apple, Be Internet Awesome, and Responsible Digital Citizenship. Mozilla Organization You probably know them as the Firefox company, but Mozilla is a foundation that does a number of things all in the pursuit of ensuring an … Continue reading Mozilla Web Tools For Computer Science

7 Ways to Celebrate CS Ed Week

Computer Science Education Week is coming up December 4th through 10th and it’s time to think about how you can celebrate the Hour of Code with your students. The CSTA (Computer Science Teachers Association) has partnered with Code Studio (a.k.a. Code.org) and Family Code Night to start a movement to expand CS education in schools throughout … Continue reading 7 Ways to Celebrate CS Ed Week

students on iPads

Computer Science With Apple

When Apple released Swift Playgrounds last year they were announcing to everyone that they wanted to have a hand in training the next generation of coders, app developers,  and creative problem solvers. They have since expanded that effort dramatically with their Everyone Can Code initiative that provides tools and a curriculum for computer science instruction for the … Continue reading Computer Science With Apple