9 black and white images of alternately segregated and integrated schools.

Choosing the “Right” School (While Seeking Equity)

In a city of a million students with only 15% being white, how much of a role should equity play in our choice for the "right" school? Are those extra efforts by parents part of the problem or just reflective of a larger issue?

Integrating Schools in NYC and the Implications Beyond

Why Should I Talk About It? Recently there has been an uproar about equity in educational opportunities for students in New York City. In fact, I got into a heated debate with several teachers just the other day on the topic. It began with our new chancellor first taking action by saying he’ll keep 25% … Continue reading Integrating Schools in NYC and the Implications Beyond

25 Lessons Learned From EDxED

On June 7th I had the opportunity to be part of an incredibly motivating professional development experience at the 2018 EDxED Conference (originally organized by educator Jennifer Gunn). It's called that because it's an opportunity for educators to share their ideas and practices with other educators (those who know the drill) and pick up tips in … Continue reading 25 Lessons Learned From EDxED