The Problem With Kids Today Is…

I gave a Ted talk related to this topic that you can view. Expectations What do you expect to finish that sentence? Should we blame violent movies and video games, that 'misogynistic hip-hop music', poverty, the lack of discipline, selfishness, cell phones and the internet, or just good old-fashioned godless heathenism? Is there any … Continue reading The Problem With Kids Today Is…

Disability And Pop Culture

Lack of Representation Seriously, what is the purpose of that photograph? There were several other stock photos of that same girl, and in one she's standing on the chair. What scenario could call for that photo? Is it a 'look I've triumphantly overcome my disability and am at long last able to be a sexy, … Continue reading Disability And Pop Culture

common sense digital compass

Responsible Digital Citizenship

I'm going to give you an overview of Common Sense Education's (CSE) Digital Citizenship curriculum & resources. If you want more on what Common Sense does, check out my previous post called "Use Some Common Sense". SOCIAL MEDIA STATISTICS According to a recent Pew Research Center (PRC) study, 69% of all American adults use some … Continue reading Responsible Digital Citizenship