Shall We Play a Game?

Shall We Play A Game?

This is part of a series of posts on game-based learning in conjunction with the Games for Change Festival. See the whole series. History Of Gaming If the WarGames reference wasn't clear, it is once again the week of the Games for Change Festival. So it seems like the perfect opportunity to discuss the how, why, … Continue reading Shall We Play A Game?

Moby Announcement

What’s New at BrainPOP?

You may know BrainPOP as the fun robot movie site. And it is an amazing way to introduce a student to or further their understanding of a variety of topics. I also, as a teacher of students with autism, have a soft spot for Moby who never says a word but communicates so much. Gladly my district … Continue reading What’s New at BrainPOP?

Minecraft and Accessible Play

This post was originally a guest post on July 12, 2017 for the Minecraft Education Blog. BACKGROUND This likely won’t be your typical Minecraft Education blog post since I do not engage in typical teaching.  Granted most teachers, given every child’s uniqueness, would say the same and even more so educators who’ve embraced Minecraft for … Continue reading Minecraft and Accessible Play

Improve Classroom Environment & Gamify Learning with Classcraft

This was originally the response to a question asked by Lisa Nielsen, the Innovative Educator, that she made into a guest post on her blog. Now nearly three decades into the research, the impact of digital games for learning robustly shows the benefits. There are games that are even becoming FDA approved for treatments (see … Continue reading Improve Classroom Environment & Gamify Learning with Classcraft