Google Accessibility: All That’s New & All That Needs Work

Related: Check out the post on Accessible Add-Ons & Extensions. You can also learn more about Apple Accessibility, Microsoft Accessibility, and An Overview of Differentiation. I’m glad to see how much effort Google has put recently into making accessibility a key part of its mission when developing its products. They have a whole series of … Continue reading Google Accessibility: All That’s New & All That Needs Work

Microsoft Accessibility

You can find a related post on Apple’s accessibility efforts and tools available for accessibility for Google as well. Background I remember a time early in my teaching career where Microsoft was the only place to go if you wanted technology to be accessible. It wasn’t necessarily the Microsoft was committed to it or that … Continue reading Microsoft Accessibility

Google Add-Ons & Extensions For Accessibility

You can find a more complete overview of Google Accessibility as well. While Google is leading in many areas when it comes to connecting classrooms with educational technology, they are a bit behind other tech companies when it comes to making those learning opportunities accessible to all learners. Their recent efforts at spoken feedback, voice commands … Continue reading Google Add-Ons & Extensions For Accessibility

Accessibility With Apple

Apple’s commitment to accessibility generally and to special education specifically has long been the best amongst major technology companies. I have seen that impact first hand in my district and my classroom where students are literally given a voice, mobility, and independence they wouldn’t have otherwise. Those efforts have even been featured on the news several times. That includes … Continue reading Accessibility With Apple

Accessible & Inclusive Social Media

Let’s begin with the fact that I don’t really like social media. That seems like an easy thing to say since no one is thinking Mark Zuckerberg is a particularly lovable fellow. Yes, there are the issues of privacy and the sort of nastiness from mostly anonymous figures and the occasional bot. For me though … Continue reading Accessible & Inclusive Social Media

City Mouse, Country Mouse: Education and Connection Across Environments

It feels like a different world even since I presented this as part of a panel at ISTE (International Society of Technology Educators) back in December. And it seems like 100 years ago when the idea for this conversation first percolated within my brain. It was originally an idea that filtered into my head more … Continue reading City Mouse, Country Mouse: Education and Connection Across Environments

Events At the End of the World: Making Meaning In a Pandemic

This past year has been both eye-opening and made want to close my eyes and hibernate until all the tragedy subsides (P.S. that will never entirely happen). It’s been hard. In different moments I have been leading tens of thousands of teachers forward through training and advocacy and in other moments I’ve been trying to … Continue reading Events At the End of the World: Making Meaning In a Pandemic

Disability and Democracy

Brief History of Disability in American Democracy As I am completing my poll worker training I am pondering what it is like for a person with a disability to exercise their rights in a democracy (or federal constitutional democratic republic for you social studies sticklers). People with disabilities have long been the most under-represented group … Continue reading Disability and Democracy

Web Meeting Throwdown: Zoom vs. Hangouts Meet vs. Teams vs. WebEx (and More)

You can view related posts on where there is Hope in This Health Crisis, using video conferencing in schools, a focus on Remote Learning in Special Education, and Broader Educational Resources for Use During Quarantine. Everyone’s online right now and web meeting platforms are all the rage. It’s how families are staying in touch, friends … Continue reading Web Meeting Throwdown: Zoom vs. Hangouts Meet vs. Teams vs. WebEx (and More)

Remote Learning in Special Education

Equity Having met educators from around the world, I’ve found that creating equity of access has been one of the key issues facing both large and small school districts. I have spoken in the past of the particular challenges and efforts for creating equity in New York City, a city that was literally designed with … Continue reading Remote Learning in Special Education