Corona Virus Curriculum: Remote Learning, Free Tools, & Understanding the Illness

Find remote learning resources, free tools for closed schools, info for learning about the virus, and suggestions for the powers that be including means for improving the digital divide

Accessible & Inclusive Social Media

Accessible & Inclusive Social Media

Let's begin with the fact that I don't really like social media. That seems like an easy thing to say since no one is thinking Mark Zuckerberg is a particularly lovable fellow. Yes, there are the issues of privacy and the sort of nastiness from mostly anonymous figures and the occasional bot. For me though … Continue reading Accessible & Inclusive Social Media

Text: City Mouse, Country Mouse Addressing Urban/Rural Education Challenges; Images: Cityscape and mouse

City Mouse, Country Mouse: Education and Connection Across Environments

It feels like a different world even since I presented this as part of a panel at ISTE (International Society of Technology Educators) back in December. And it seems like 100 years ago when the idea for this conversation first percolated within my brain. It was originally an idea that filtered into my head more … Continue reading City Mouse, Country Mouse: Education and Connection Across Environments

Events At the End of the World: Making Meaning In a Pandemic

Events At the End of the World: Making Meaning In a Pandemic

This past year has been both eye-opening and made want to close my eyes and hibernate until all the tragedy subsides (P.S. that will never entirely happen). It's been hard. In different moments I have been leading tens of thousands of teachers forward through training and advocacy and in other moments I've been trying to … Continue reading Events At the End of the World: Making Meaning In a Pandemic

Reimagine Your World in D75

Differentiated STEM Challenges: Remote Learning Style

Challenges The past year has been filled with so many challenges. We lost many frends and colleagues in NYC and there were challenges with inequitable and meaningful learning especially for our students with disabilities. But I had the idea of creating a challenge that was fun. Out of that came my idea for Reimagine your … Continue reading Differentiated STEM Challenges: Remote Learning Style

The Clorox By Dr. Seuss with the Lorax in a mask amongst Truffula trees and tissues

The Clorox: A Tale to Encourage Educators in the Pandemic

I put this story together as part of the introduction to our first virtual NYC Microsoft Meetup of the year where we brought together educators from across the city (and country) to have fun, build connections, and share knowledge. I hoped to encourage the teachers, especially in my district, who I know had been struggling … Continue reading The Clorox: A Tale to Encourage Educators in the Pandemic

Disability and Democracy text in front of protesters

Disability and Democracy

Brief History of Disability in American Democracy As I am completing my poll worker training I am pondering what it is like for a person with a disability to exercise their rights in a democracy (or federal constitutional democratic republic for you social studies sticklers). People with disabilities have long been the most under-represented group … Continue reading Disability and Democracy

AR Learning Cubes

Many educators and general folks are excited about the horizons we are moving towards with the advances of augmented reality in our society. To be able to remain in our current reality and simply will and simply add or shift it in such a way that makes it easier, more fun, or more informative sounds … Continue reading AR Learning Cubes

Teachers’ Letter to America

I saw the online letter above as a personification of all the things that America asks of its educators in the midst of pandemic. Apart from America I’m not sure who to credit it to. It is clear though, apart from other things America needs are lessons on punctuation and grammar. Beyond that I thought … Continue reading Teachers’ Letter to America