In Response to “The Death of EdTech”

For other content related to the 2018 ISTE Conference, check out 25 Insights From the ISTE Conference or What’s New With ISTE. Where It Was Right Recently Medium published an article titled Google, ISTE, and the Death of EdTech written by Belgian administrator Mike Crowley. It is a purposefully provocative title that ventures into the type … Continue reading In Response to “The Death of EdTech”

25 Insights From the ISTE Conference

I had the privilege of attending the ISTE (International Society of Technology Educators) conference in my birthplace of Chicago recently where I was able to present, connect, and even received some awards. The best part of an event like this though is that the scale offers the opportunity to learn from an array of people … Continue reading 25 Insights From the ISTE Conference

What’s New With ISTE?

For those who are uninitiated to the tribe, ISTE is the International Society of Technology Educators. It has long been the preeminent organization for connecting and training teachers to use technology to innovate in their classrooms. Each year they hold a massive multi-day conference along with other smaller events and training throughout the year. This … Continue reading What’s New With ISTE?

What’s Fresh With Flipgrid

Let me first start by saying that the  Flipgrid professional learning community is made up of the most vibrant, encouraging, committed, and wonderfully weird educators that I have had the pleasure to meet. They alone are what thriving thanks almost solely to the efforts of teachers who have found the platform invaluable. It's a group that … Continue reading What’s Fresh With Flipgrid

Integrating Schools in NYC and the Implications Beyond

Why Should I Talk About It? Recently there has been an uproar about equity in educational opportunities for students in New York City. In fact, I got into a heated debate with several teachers just the other day on the topic. It began with our new chancellor first taking action by saying he’ll keep 25% … Continue reading Integrating Schools in NYC and the Implications Beyond

25 Lessons Learned From EDxED

On June 7th I had the opportunity to be part of an incredibly motivating professional development experience at the 2018 EDxED Conference (originally organized by educator Jennifer Gunn). It's called that because it's an opportunity for educators to share their ideas and practices with other educators (those who know the drill) and pick up tips in … Continue reading 25 Lessons Learned From EDxED

What’s New With Breakout EDU

For more information, you can view the original post on BreakoutEDU. Overview Right now I'm drawing on the many Breakouts I've already facilitated for students and staff to prepare a large Breakout EDU adventure that involves gamified quests in time to present it at ISTE. I realized as I piece it together that Breakout EDU has made … Continue reading What’s New With Breakout EDU

The Perfect Lesson Plan

Creating The Perfect Lesson Plan: 10 Steps & 8 Essential Elements

So let's begin with the basic premise that there is no one perfect lesson plan or format. That's simply because there are a variety of different needs across subjects, ages, and ability levels. The best lessons are personalized for the needs of your students, so some cookie cutter lesson is bound to be shortsighted. In fact, many of the … Continue reading Creating The Perfect Lesson Plan: 10 Steps & 8 Essential Elements

Yanny or Laurel: Pop Culture in the Classroom and the Science of Sound

I'm sure you've all seen the video by now (in case you haven't it's below) and you all have formed strong opinions about this ridiculous meme. Many might think it was already ruined when the White House put out an explanation of it in the way that Facebook is no longer cool when your parents join … Continue reading Yanny or Laurel: Pop Culture in the Classroom and the Science of Sound

The Big 3 In the Classroom: Apple, Google, & Microsoft

You can view the related Office 365 vs. G Suite Smackdown as well. Event Overview New York City schools do things a little differently than most places. Due to the sheer size and complexity of needs, there is no overriding educational technology solution that’s chosen to work across the board. Yes, there is a citywide Office … Continue reading The Big 3 In the Classroom: Apple, Google, & Microsoft