Google Accessibility

Google Add-Ons & Extensions For Accessibility

While Google is leading in many areas when it comes to connecting classrooms with educational technology, they are a bit behind other tech companies when it comes to making those learning opportunities accessible to all learners. Their recent efforts at spoken feedback, voice commands and more have long been standards on other platforms. They have made … Continue reading Google Add-Ons & Extensions For Accessibility

Why Schools Need Music

This is a post that was originally written as a guest post on the Flocabulary blog where you can also read it. When music plays you just feel it. You begin tapping your foot or swaying. Maybe you start singing along or humming to yourself. You can’t help it. Even those with hearing impairments find themselves … Continue reading Why Schools Need Music

Everything Is Awesome: 5 Ways to Learn With Legos

Despite how painful it can be when you step on them barefoot or how frustrating it can be when you can't find the right piece, LEGOs are still one of my favorite toys because they are simultaneously simple and capable of vast complexity and creativity. Last year my district (NYC's District 75) began their participation in FIRST® … Continue reading Everything Is Awesome: 5 Ways to Learn With Legos

7 Ways to Celebrate CS Ed Week

Computer Science Education Week is coming up December 4th through 10th and it’s time to think about how you can celebrate the Hour of Code with your students. The CSTA (Computer Science Teachers Association) has partnered with Code Studio (a.k.a. and Family Code Night to start a movement to expand CS education in schools throughout … Continue reading 7 Ways to Celebrate CS Ed Week

Accessibility With Apple

Apple’s commitment to accessibility generally and to special education specifically has long been the best amongst major technology companies. Even if Apple's operating systems weren't innately accessible (which they are), their accessibility collection in the App store along with their integrations with other accessibility companies would make them worthy of consideration. While other companies are gladly making major strides in … Continue reading Accessibility With Apple

Making the Most of Assessment…Digitally

In previous posts, I've discussed the keys to effective assessment and some tools that can be used to make that happen (see Google Forms & Game-Based Learning and The Right Way to Quiz Is...) There are a number of other resources though that can be used to facilitate formative and summative assessments in multiple formats. Here … Continue reading Making the Most of Assessment…Digitally

10 Keys To Effective Assessment

There are a number of ways to assess student progress both formally and informally. This can be done through observation, discussions, assignments, projects, group interaction, quizzes, self-assessment, and more. Some say we need to move into a new era of assessment where authentic student learning is measured through more comprehensive methods than just basic standardized tests. I would … Continue reading 10 Keys To Effective Assessment

The Right Way to Quiz Is…

Despite the fact that I frequently misspell it, Quizizz has long been one of my favorite formative assessment tools. The memes, music, and competition make it fun while the fact that its web-based makes it work across all devices. Those reasons aside, there are some major reasons that I usually turn to Quizizz instead of other assessment … Continue reading The Right Way to Quiz Is…

Let’s Meet Up: Video Conferencing in Schools

Whether it’s streaming an event, a PD between sites, an administrator conference, or a digital parents’ meeting, you may need to stream live video. There are a lot of options available with different limitations, pricing, and features so I will attempt to review a few of my favorites for you. Of course, for all of … Continue reading Let’s Meet Up: Video Conferencing in Schools

Accessible Tech With Don Johnston

Don Johnston is a company that was created to help students overcome reading and writing challenges using technology. They have several tools available to help emergent and struggling readers augment their learning, improve their literacy skills, and increase independence. Their suite of tools includes books, web readers, apps, AAC products & more. I want to focus … Continue reading Accessible Tech With Don Johnston