Is More Tech The Answer? Questions Of Morality, Effectiveness, and the Role of Teachers and Technology in Learning

At Its Worst

  1. wasted technologyIT’S ABOUT TECHNOLOGY – Any time you are using technology for its own sake in a classroom, you are already losing wasting both your energy and your time with students. I always start with what I want students to know and become and then look for tools to help with that.
  2. CHOOSING THE NEW – Spending a bunch of money on unproven new hardware or software and locking into one system is guaranteeing failure. See if you can start with pilots of smaller groups for less cost.
  3. CHOOSING THE CHEAP – Picking a solution because it’s less expensive up front fails to take in the long-term cost of updates, repairs, and training.
  4. NOT PLANNING – You can purchase great equipment and software and have it be a total bust if no one knows how to use it and there is no plan for training and management.
  5. TECHNOLOGY = LEARNING – Getting students new computers will no more improve their learning outcomes than handing them a toaster will. The tech alone will not fix all problems that existed before them. They may help, but not without knowledge and effort.
  6. TEACHER-FOCUSED – Why are you still standing at the front of the room explaining how to do something? Yes, direct instruction can be useful, but technology should empower you to increase independent student learning.
  7. DISTRACTION – Yes technology can be engaging, but it can engage our students in devices and activities that don’t serve learning.
  8. NO EVALUATION – Good teachers are constantly assessing and evaluating themselves and their practices. The same should happen with technology. DOn’t just monitor what’s happening, but examine the impact rigorously.
  9. NOT EMPOWERING – If you’re using technology to homogenize your students’ experiences rather than allowing them to authentically share their voice then you are missing the point and neglecting the fact that yours is a class of individuals.
  10. NEGLECTING STUDENTS – This is the worst. It used to be that a horrible teacher would have a collection of meaningless dittos they would give to students. Now they just hand them a device with little instruction and give them “free time” which is code for I didn’t plan for this.

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