The Clorox By Dr. Seuss with the Lorax in a mask amongst Truffula trees and tissues

The Clorox: A Tale to Encourage Educators in the Pandemic

I put this story together as part of the introduction to our first virtual NYC Microsoft Meetup of the year where we brought together educators from across the city (and country) to have fun, build connections, and share knowledge. I hoped to encourage the teachers, especially in my district, who I know had been struggling … Continue reading The Clorox: A Tale to Encourage Educators in the Pandemic

AR Learning Cubes

Many educators and general folks are excited about the horizons we are moving towards with the advances of augmented reality in our society. To be able to remain in our current reality and simply will and simply add or shift it in such a way that makes it easier, more fun, or more informative sounds … Continue reading AR Learning Cubes

Summer Remote Education Conferences

Conferences can be an amazing place for educators to deeply question existing structures and biases, gather information, and make lasting social and professional connections. We are in a different environment now though in the midst of a global pandemic. In the past I've shared about the insights I've garnered from events like a local CS … Continue reading Summer Remote Education Conferences

Web meeting logos and a vs. star

Web Meeting Throwdown: Zoom vs. Hangouts Meet vs. Teams vs. WebEx (and More)

You can view related posts on where there is Hope in This Health Crisis, using video conferencing in schools, a focus on Remote Learning in Special Education, and Broader Educational Resources for Use During Quarantine. Everyone's online right now and web meeting platforms are all the rage. It's how families are staying in touch, … Continue reading Web Meeting Throwdown: Zoom vs. Hangouts Meet vs. Teams vs. WebEx (and More)

Young girl with notebook and iPad

Remote Learning in Special Education

Equity Having met educators from around the world, I've found that creating equity of access has been one of the key issues facing both large and small school districts. I have spoken in the past of the particular challenges and efforts for creating equity in New York City, a city that was literally designed with … Continue reading Remote Learning in Special Education

Corona Virus Curriculum: Remote Learning, Free Tools, & Understanding the Illness

Find remote learning resources, free tools for closed schools, info for learning about the virus, and suggestions for the powers that be including means for improving the digital divide

Text: Insights from FETC and people entering the keynote

40+ Insights From FETC’s 40th Anniversary in 2020

While my childhood (and adult family trips) to Florida have always been epic (see my extensive Disney planning spreadsheets for reference), I have never before been to FETC, the Future of Education Technology Conference. And this year it was the 40th anniversary and it was located in Miami Beach (a plus for not packing a … Continue reading 40+ Insights From FETC’s 40th Anniversary in 2020

Best Digital Games for Science

There are so many wonderful ways to explore the science of the world around us from robotics, to hands-on exploration to the intersection of science and pop culture. And these are crucial given the ever increasing necessity of technology in our world coupled with the simultaneous and antithetical growth of science denialism. That's why in … Continue reading Best Digital Games for Science

An Innovator’s Journey: Part 3-The Academy

This is part of an ongoing series of posts on my experience in becoming a Google Education Certified Innovator. You can view the other portions As Well. Part 1: The PeoplePart 2: The Application Process & TipsPart 4: Taking Action So I hope it's clear that being allowed to take part in a Google Innovator Academy … Continue reading An Innovator’s Journey: Part 3-The Academy