EdTech Updates 2018: Ed Puzzle

EDpuzzle-customize-videos-1024x655.pngAs I have explained in previous posts, it’s important to provide multimodal learning is important for students to improve both understanding and retention of information. Simply having a movie day though isn’t enough to make content worthwhile or impactful. Sure sites like BrainPOP, Flocabulary, Discovery, and even YouTube have quality educational content. What the better sites do though is provide pause points, interaction, and assessments connected to the video to enhance learning. EdPuzzle allows teachers to take existing videos and add those elements.

Key Features

EdPuzzle.pngQuality Video Content: You can pull content from YouTube, Vimeo, Khan Academy, National Geographic, TED Talks, or even EDPuzzle’s own videos. Check out a subject/predicate example.

Curated Curriculum: Find curated content in EdPuzzle created curriculums across a variety of content areas and grade levels including everything from geometry to social skills.

Content Editing: You trim the video to only show the essential minute or two pertinent to your lesson. You can also add voiceover and audio notes to explain any concept in greater depth.

Built-In Assessment: You can embed open-ended or multiple choice questions directly into the video.

Share Content Easily: You can assign work easily through a connected Google Classroom or using a public link.

Manage Students: You can set up classes and have students join using a class code. It also allows you to share it easily on Google Classroom. Then you can track student work in the site’s gradebook.

Additional Resources: They offer online professional development courses and more EdPuzzle Resources on topics like a flipped classroom, gamification, diversity, and more.

Check out this example Snickers video to see how it all works together.

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 10.30.33 AM.png

What’s New

7540e7e1e244fb8812dbeefffed2eddbfeb6b3e6.pngNew Content: All the videos for your class, district, or in the discovery area can be found easily in the Content area.  That includes Edpuzzle’s curated Curriculum as well.

Alerts & Notifications: It’s easier to keep track of what student work and classes need your attention and require grading.

Better Analytics: The gradebook has more info including score totals and the amount of time students spend on a task. You can even download CSV file to pull into a spreadsheet.

Pro Features for Free: Gradebook is now available to all teachers and a pro account that includes unlimited use and unlimited video-lesson storage. Nothing is better for a teacher than free.

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