EdTech Updates 2018: Ed Puzzle

As I have explained in previous posts, it's important to provide multimodal learning is important for students to improve both understanding and retention of information. Simply having a movie day though isn't enough to make content worthwhile or impactful. Sure sites like BrainPOP, Flocabulary, Discovery, and even YouTube have quality educational content. What the better … Continue reading EdTech Updates 2018: Ed Puzzle

The Latest Ways to Catch Flipgrid Fever

For those who haven't yet caught the fever, here are the basics on Flipgrid. Flipgrid has been enticing more and more educators to try it in their classrooms because it is wonderfully collaborative with other applications, encourages personalized learning and student expression, and because the community of educators using the platform is so excited about … Continue reading The Latest Ways to Catch Flipgrid Fever

What’s Fresh With Flipgrid

Let me first start by saying that the  Flipgrid professional learning community is made up of the most vibrant, encouraging, committed, and wonderfully weird educators that I have had the pleasure to meet. They alone are what thriving thanks almost solely to the efforts of teachers who have found the platform invaluable. It's a group that … Continue reading What’s Fresh With Flipgrid

Flocab science page

“Break It Down” Into Manageable Educational Elements

One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain. -Bob Marley THE WHAT & WHY If you haven’t used it yet (and why not?), Flocabulary is like a modern hip-hop version of “Schoolhouse Rock!”. It is easy to use and filled with meaningful and engaging content. It also works across devices. Flocabulary usually … Continue reading “Break It Down” Into Manageable Educational Elements

Flipgrid Fever

20 Ways to Catch #FlipgridFever

Check out the latest in the updated What's Fresh With Flipgrid. What is Flipgrid? If you haven't yet caught the #Flipgrid Fever, you're in the same boat I was in this past school year. Simply put, Flipgrid is a way for teachers, students, and now parents to have video discussions amongst each other regardless of device. People … Continue reading 20 Ways to Catch #FlipgridFever

Farina and Tyson

Star Talking Video

A Video of the Discussion Between Neil deGrasse Tyson & Carmen Fariña This is connected to my previous post Star Talking synthesizing what I learned from the conversation between Carmen Fariña, the current New York City Schools Chancellor, and Neil deGrasse Tyson, the renowned astrophysicist and author, at the NYC Department of Education's summer STEM Institute. I don't believe there was any professional … Continue reading Star Talking Video