STEM & EdTech PD Opportunities In NYC

Living in NYC gives teachers a distinct advantage in their ability to seek professional development from both inside and outside of the NYC Department of Education regularly partners with great city science, sustainability, and educational technology organizations to improve student learning and professional development. These outside organizations often provide free resources and training, so they are really worth looking into. These opportunities are only available to NYCDOE teachers with a valid DOE login.

NYCDOE Internal


#NYCSchoolsTech Partner Certification

NYC Schools Tech Logo Final.pngThis program partners educators with various education technology companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, BrainPOP and many more. You will learn about the tools, get certified, and receive special perks. You can access the application directly. You can apply for up to 3 programs now.

  • Application Deadline: Sep. 23, 2018
  • Grades: Elementary, Middle, & High School
  • Dates: Oct 5 – Dec 22
  • Locations: Mostly Manhattan with some in Staten Island & Brooklyn


You can learn about SPOC-related technology issues like network management, G-Suite, Office 365, and 3D printing. Each opportunity has its own application. Some standouts include the 2018 Fall Library Conference and the #NYCSchoolsTech Summit on Digital Citizenship.

  • Registration Deadline: In advance of the individual training
  • Grades: Elementary, Middle, & High School
  • Dates: September – June
  • Locations: various locations

Individual Google Trainings

Image result for google trainingThere are multiple individual training opportunities school days and Saturdays for DOE employees to learn some Google basics. You can sign-up for G Suite 101 and Beyond the Basics for the Saturday session. The other weekday opportunities at HRTC include G Suite 101 and G Suite Admin 101 and have a separate registration.

  • Registration Deadline: In advance of the training
  • Grades: Elementary, Middle, & High School
  • Dates: Saturday, Sep. 29 or Sep. 14 – Jan. 15
  • Locations: Mosaic Prep Academy or Harlem Renaissance Training Center


District 75

D75 Logo Solo.pngThere are a variety of educational training opportunities in STEM and other areas with a focus on accessibility and learning opportunities for students in special education. This includes opportunities to get involved in a citywide debate program, a Lego League, a soapbox derby, STEM Week, robotics programs, and more.

  • Registration Deadline: In advance of the individual training
  • Grades: Elementary, Middle, & High School
  • Dates: September – June
  • Locations: Mostly at the District Office on 1st Ave, & other locations

Citizen Science Program Application

Middle school classes are paired with research missions and service-learning through local science & sustainability organizations to focus on the health of NYC estuary ecosystems. It is structured as an after-school program and involves field trips. It requires roles for teachers and administrators. Check out their page for more information.

  • Registration Deadline: Sep. 18, 2018
  • Grades: Middle School
  • Dates: 4 days in October, December, and January as well as year-round in-school activity
  • Locations: TBD

Scientist In Residence Teacher Application

Image result for scientist in residenceThis program brings a scientist or STEM professional to your classroom to conduct scientific investigations with your students.

  • Registration Deadline: Sep. 26, 2018
  • Grades: Elementary, Middle, & High School
  • Dates: 2 training days and continuing work with the resident scientist
  • Locations: Training & integration in all 5 boroughs

High School Science Research Pathways

The HSSRP program helps schools build great science research programs where students can carry on their own investigations. An optional partnership with Syracuse University gives students the opportunity to earn college credit.

  • Registration Deadline: Sep. 27, 2018
  • Grades: High School
  • Dates: Research, institute, and presentation days from November to June
  • Locations: At the school and at Syracuse University

Budding Scientists-The Urban Ecosystem Application

young ecosystem scientistsElementary school classes explore the New York City ecosystem in the classroom and beyond it.

  • Registration Deadline: Sep. 28, 2018
  • Grades: Elementary School
  • Dates: 5 days in November-March as well as year-round in school activity including field trips
  • Locations: TBD

DOE Partnerships

Science of Smart Cities Teacher

science thinking logoThe NYU Center for K12 STEM Education is searching for middle school teachers and school partners to teach The Science of Smart Cities (SoSC) program. They aim to make STEM more relatable by helping students work to make their cities safer, more sustainable, and cleaner. They pay a $5,000 stipend. You can get more information and apply directly, but you need to do it quickly.

  • Registration Deadline: September 15th
  • Grades: Elementary, Middle, & High School
  • Dates: Saturdays from October 13, 2018 – June 8, 2019
  • Locations: University Tandon School of Engineering and your school

Outside The DOE


Edcamp event These free educator un-conferences are a great way to network and get new info. The EdCamp in Newark is coming up on September 22nd. There have been an EdCamp Brooklyn and an EdCamp Staten Island in the past as well, so keep your eyes open for those.

Educational Conferences

Find upcoming conferences from the NSTA Conference for science teachers to Closing the Gap and ISTE for accessibility and technology specialists respectively. You can find a fairly comprehensive list for EdTech conferences.

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