EdTech Updates 2018: A Fresh Face For Flocabulary

Some EdTech tools work great but simply need a fresh coat of paint to make them easier to navigate. That’s essentially the story with Flocabulary. Flocabulary added several new features last year and redesigned their instruction process. Now they’re redesigning the look of their sight and added a few more details to make it even more user-friendly. I’ve shared before how they a great site that uses hip-hop music to teach content and why music instruction is so crucial. One of my favorite things about Flocabulary, apart from the sick beats, is their commitment to built-in accessibility features on their site to make it worthwhile for all learners.

Flocabulary Lesson Flow 2

What’s New

Fresh Design: The site has a brand new look with subjects, standards, and classes easily accessible at the top while recommendations, recent videos, and favorites are easily seen on the home page along with current events and monthly topics. They’ve also made it easy to sync with Google Classroom.

Vocab Game: My favorite new feature is the vocab game that rewards students by bringing new instruments into the jam with every correct answer.

New Lyric Lab: It is now easier to create your own

New Content: They added 20+ new content videos like nutrition, mindfulness, climate change, the Vietnam War, and several more.

Classroom Set-Up: It easier to get your classes going with connections to Google Classroom.

As always you can access training guides and lessons in Flocabulary’s How-To Section.

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