The Clorox: A Tale to Encourage Educators in the Pandemic

I put this story together as part of the introduction to our first virtual NYC Microsoft Meetup of the year where we brought together educators from across the city (and country) to have fun, build connections, and share knowledge. I hoped to encourage the teachers, especially in my district, who I know had been struggling with so many terrible external forces that I won’t dive into here (see Teacher’s Letter to America). Suffice to say, we needed a break and I wanted to help make that happen.

The best complements I received about the evening (which I have to thank so many teacher friends for helping to make happen) were from teachers who said they really didn’t want to come because there’s been so much craziness and they were exhausted. But they were grateful they did, because they said it replenished their spirits and helped remind them what it’s all for. This story was a particularly popular element of it that I had no intention of sharing more broadly, but other teachers encouraged me to, so here it is. Enjoy.

You can find an animated version of the story in Buncee, a platform I highly recommend for visualizations for elementary students especially for its inclusion of picture symbols for some students with disabilities

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