50+ Useful EdTech Tools

One of the great things about working in District 75 in New York City is that we have regular bi-monthly meetings where the tech liaisons from our 60+ (and 100s of sites/buildings) schools get together to share and learn. We recently had the opportunity to talk about what tools are benefitting us most in the … Continue reading 50+ Useful EdTech Tools

Digital Art for Students: No Photoshop Required

BACKGROUND There are few students I have met that don't enjoy art to some degree whether it's full-on finger painting or just doodling in a notebook. The only question is what form that ‘art’ takes. It might be photography and selfies, sculpting clay, graffiti, or cutting up pictures in magazines. Most students also enjoy the concept … Continue reading Digital Art for Students: No Photoshop Required

Why Schools Need Music

This is a post that was originally written as a guest post on the Flocabulary blog where you can also read it. When music plays you just feel it. You begin tapping your foot or swaying. Maybe you start singing along or humming to yourself. You can’t help it. Even those with hearing impairments find themselves … Continue reading Why Schools Need Music