Why Schools Need Music

This is a post that was originally written as a guest post on the Flocabulary blog where you can also read it. When music plays you just feel it. You begin tapping your foot or swaying. Maybe you start singing along or humming to yourself. You can’t help it. Even those with hearing impairments find themselves … Continue reading Why Schools Need Music

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Computer Science With Apple

When Apple released Swift Playgrounds last year they were announcing to everyone that they wanted to have a hand in training the next generation of coders, app developers,  and creative problem solvers. They have since expanded that effort dramatically with their Everyone Can Code initiative that provides tools and a curriculum for computer science instruction for the … Continue reading Computer Science With Apple

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“Break It Down” Into Manageable Educational Elements

One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain. -Bob Marley THE WHAT & WHY If you haven’t used it yet (and why not?), Flocabulary is like a modern hip-hop version of “Schoolhouse Rock!”. It is easy to use and filled with meaningful and engaging content. It also works across devices. Flocabulary usually … Continue reading “Break It Down” Into Manageable Educational Elements