EdTech Updates 2018: Quizlet

Find more information on Quizlet and other platforms in the post Making the Most of Assessment Digitally. While I had previously thought of Quizlet as the best digital flashcard site around (and it is), they have recently added a number of features for learning and assessing content that have made it even more valuable. So here … Continue reading EdTech Updates 2018: Quizlet

What’s New With Nearpod?

If you want a full look at what Nearpod is and how to best use it check out the post all about Nearpod. What's New Nearpod has long been the preeminent way for teachers to push content and assessments to students and much of it is FREE. Over the last few years though they have … Continue reading What’s New With Nearpod?

Teach, Assess, & Connect With Nearpod

For more updates check out What's New With Nearpod. I think most teachers with even a cursory knowledge of educational technology have heard of Nearpod even if they haven't had the means or opportunity to make use of it yet. So, it may be late in the game to give an overview of what Nearpod offers, but, … Continue reading Teach, Assess, & Connect With Nearpod

Making the Most of Assessment…Digitally

In previous posts, I've discussed the keys to effective assessment and some tools that can be used to make that happen (see Google Forms & Game-Based Learning and The Right Way to Quiz Is...) There are a number of other resources though that can be used to facilitate formative and summative assessments in multiple formats. Here … Continue reading Making the Most of Assessment…Digitally

10 Keys To Effective Assessment

There are a number of ways to assess student progress both formally and informally. This can be done through observation, discussions, assignments, projects, group interaction, quizzes, self-assessment, and more. Some say we need to move into a new era of assessment where authentic student learning is measured through more comprehensive methods than just basic standardized tests. I would … Continue reading 10 Keys To Effective Assessment

The Right Way to Quiz Is…

Despite the fact that I frequently misspell it, Quizizz has long been one of my favorite formative assessment tools. The memes, music, and competition make it fun while the fact that its web-based makes it work across all devices. Those reasons aside, there are some major reasons that I usually turn to Quizizz instead of other assessment … Continue reading The Right Way to Quiz Is…