Best Digital Games for Science

There are so many wonderful ways to explore the science of the world around us from robotics, to hands-on exploration to the intersection of science and pop culture. And these are crucial given the ever increasing necessity of technology in our world coupled with the simultaneous and antithetical growth of science denialism. That's why in … Continue reading Best Digital Games for Science

Best Digital Games for Social Studies

How Should History Be Studied? With civil unrest in several countries and historic levels of political engagement, it would seem like quality civics education is more necessary than ever. I had a person recently question me about whether games or graphic novels can really convey the depth necessary for a real understanding of history? He … Continue reading Best Digital Games for Social Studies

Using Comics to Teach History

In the wake of New York Comic Con, I am examining the use of comics in education. You can see the whole series. Previously I discussed the number of ways you can begin Educating Through Graphic Novels and the benefits for bringing them into your classroom. For example, Manga Classics have versions of Huckleberry Finn and Great … Continue reading Using Comics to Teach History