2018 Digital Citizenship Week: Activities for Every Day

For more insight check out How to Celebrate Digital Citizenship Week and Responsible Digital Citizenship. So as we venture once again into Digital Citizenship Week I'm worried that the focus will, as it usually is, be placed on avoiding what is scary on the internet and all the problems modern students face in a digital world. While … Continue reading 2018 Digital Citizenship Week: Activities for Every Day

Be Internet Awesome!

For more information on teaching digital citizenship, check out Responsible Digital Citizenship, Celebrating Digital Citizenship Week, or Common Sense EducationCommon Sense Education. In an effort make the internet world that they helped create a little better, Google has created the Be Internet Awesome program to guide students through internet safety. The ISTE-aligned curriculum is made up five … Continue reading Be Internet Awesome!

How to Celebrate Digital Citizenship Week

I have spoken about digital citizenship before in this still young blog, but I'm going to broach the topic again because it is so important. Also it should be an ongoing conversation since student online interactions and the tools they use to engage online are constantly evolving according to digital trends. It's not just about keeping … Continue reading How to Celebrate Digital Citizenship Week

common sense digital compass

Responsible Digital Citizenship

I'm going to give you an overview of Common Sense Education's (CSE) Digital Citizenship curriculum & resources. If you want more on what Common Sense does, check out my previous post called "Use Some Common Sense". SOCIAL MEDIA STATISTICS According to a recent Pew Research Center (PRC) study, 69% of all American adults use some … Continue reading Responsible Digital Citizenship

common sense is so rare it should be classified as a superpower

Use Some Common Sense

INTRO While I'm somewhat inclined to break into a diatribe about the lack of common sense exhibited even amongst the highly educated in society, that's not what this is about. This post is meant as an introduction to Common Sense Media's Education (CSE) platform (formerly known as Graphite) instead. You may have heard of Common Sense … Continue reading Use Some Common Sense