What’s New With Google EDU

On Google and Growing As An Educator Whether it makes you feel good, bad, or indifferent Google reigns in the world of educational technology. There are several reasons for that. Some of them may be about marketing. Administrators are happy that Chromebooks allow them to claim to have a 1:1 program for a small price … Continue reading What’s New With Google EDU

An Innovator’s Journey: Part 2-The Application Process and Tips to Succeed

I already shared that the people involved in the Google Innovator process are the most important piece, as is the case in all educational initiatives. That said, the process is also a key component. Google has refined and improved their efforts over time to make it as impactful for educators as possible, even changing the … Continue reading An Innovator’s Journey: Part 2-The Application Process and Tips to Succeed

An Innovator’s Journey: Part 1-The People

This is part of an ongoing series of posts on my experience in becoming a Google Education Certified Innovator. On Innovation I should begin with the idea that I kind of despise the words innovator and innovative. It's not that I don't believe in the concepts, but there seem to be issues when they're applied … Continue reading An Innovator’s Journey: Part 1-The People

A New Vision For Schools

I had the opportunity to attend an event at the Google offices here in New York City where I got to hear a number of awesome teachers present about helpful tools to guide the Google-centric school and help them make their journey easier with offerings from New Visions for Public Schools. We had a lot … Continue reading A New Vision For Schools

The Big 3 In the Classroom: Apple, Google, & Microsoft

You can view the related Office 365 vs. G Suite Smackdown as well. Event Overview New York City schools do things a little differently than most places. Due to the sheer size and complexity of needs, there is no overriding educational technology solution that’s chosen to work across the board. Yes, there is a citywide Office … Continue reading The Big 3 In the Classroom: Apple, Google, & Microsoft

Our Google Augmented Reality Adventure

Google has provided a variety of methods for students to begin exploring their world. One of the most exciting ways students can go on a Google adventure is through Google Expeditions, a means for students to go on 360° panoramic virtual tours of the world around them, into ancient history, into outer space, or inside their … Continue reading Our Google Augmented Reality Adventure

Be Internet Awesome!

For more information on teaching digital citizenship, check out Responsible Digital Citizenship, Celebrating Digital Citizenship Week, or Common Sense EducationCommon Sense Education. In an effort make the internet world that they helped create a little better, Google has created the Be Internet Awesome program to guide students through internet safety. The ISTE-aligned curriculum is made up five … Continue reading Be Internet Awesome!

7 More Ways To Explore With Google

I recently discussed Google tools that will help students explore the world around them (an inside them). Here are some ways Google gives for students to explore what's possible and known about that world. Exploring PossibilitiesGoogle has changed technology and learning environments by inviting students to digitally collaborate, but there tools to take them to deeper levels … Continue reading 7 More Ways To Explore With Google

5 Ways To Explore With Google

You can also see 7 More Ways To Explore With Google It shouldn't be a surprise that the company that is synonymous making the whole world searchable and gave us the ability to explore everything at our fingertips is also a great platform for students to explore a number of learning opportunities. Here are five … Continue reading 5 Ways To Explore With Google

Google Accessibility

Google Add-Ons & Extensions For Accessibility

While Google is leading in many areas when it comes to connecting classrooms with educational technology, they are a bit behind other tech companies when it comes to making those learning opportunities accessible to all learners. Their recent efforts at spoken feedback, voice commands and more have long been standards on other platforms. They have made … Continue reading Google Add-Ons & Extensions For Accessibility