Teachers’ Letter to America

I saw the online letter above as a personification of all the things that America asks of its educators in the midst of pandemic. Apart from America I’m not sure who to credit it to. It is clear though, apart from other things America needs are lessons on punctuation and grammar. Beyond that I thought … Continue reading Teachers’ Letter to America

Young girl with notebook and iPad

Remote Learning in Special Education

Equity Having met educators from around the world, I've found that creating equity of access has been one of the key issues facing both large and small school districts. I have spoken in the past of the particular challenges and efforts for creating equity in New York City, a city that was literally designed with … Continue reading Remote Learning in Special Education

Corona Virus Curriculum: Remote Learning, Free Tools, & Understanding the Illness

Find remote learning resources, free tools for closed schools, info for learning about the virus, and suggestions for the powers that be including means for improving the digital divide