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Remote Learning in Special Education

Equity Having met educators from around the world, I've found that creating equity of access has been one of the key issues facing both large and small school districts. I have spoken in the past of the particular challenges and efforts for creating equity in New York City, a city that was literally designed with … Continue reading Remote Learning in Special Education

What Is Differentiation Really?

This post provides an overview of the differentiated instruction (DI) model. For more insight on DI, see my posts Is Differentiation a Dirty Word? or The 4 Ways to Differentiate Instruction. An Overview There seems to be a lot of confusion about what differentiation actually entails. There are problems with conflicting definitions. In one sense … Continue reading What Is Differentiation Really?

Is Differentiation a Dirty Word?

This post addresses many of the challenges presented by those who oppose the differentiated instruction model. For an overview of differentiated instruction, see my post on What Is Differentiation Really? and The 4 Ways to Differentiate Instruction. Having worked with some of the most severely challenged students for the vast majority of my teaching career I have found … Continue reading Is Differentiation a Dirty Word?

6 Tech Tools to Improve IEP and Special Education Services

  After doing quality reviews of Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) for a few schools I began to realize a few things. The first is that a well written IEP should really give you a sense of who a student is on a personal level in addition to informing you of their academic needs and progress. There … Continue reading 6 Tech Tools to Improve IEP and Special Education Services

Accessibility With Apple Apple’s commitment to accessibility generally and to special education specifically has long been the best amongst major technology companies. I have seen that impact first hand in my district and my classroom where students are literally given a voice, mobility, and independence they wouldn't have otherwise. Those efforts have even been featured on the news several times. That … Continue reading Accessibility With Apple

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School, Skittles, & B.F. Skinner

I now realize this blog is likely to be a weird mix of really technical stuff about educational technology interspersed with intense diatribes on the nature of education. This falls into that latter category. Let me begin by saying that I love the staff I work with. Even though I don’t always agree with their … Continue reading School, Skittles, & B.F. Skinner