Corona Virus Curriculum: Remote Learning, Free Tools, & Understanding the Illness

Find remote learning resources, free tools for closed schools, info for learning about the virus, and suggestions for the powers that be including means for improving the digital divide

What’s New With Google EDU

On Google and Growing As An Educator Whether it makes you feel good, bad, or indifferent Google reigns in the world of educational technology. There are several reasons for that. Some of them may be about marketing. Administrators are happy that Chromebooks allow them to claim to have a 1:1 program for a small price … Continue reading What’s New With Google EDU

A New Vision For Schools

I had the opportunity to attend an event at the Google offices here in New York City where I got to hear a number of awesome teachers present about helpful tools to guide the Google-centric school and help them make their journey easier with offerings from New Visions for Public Schools. We had a lot … Continue reading A New Vision For Schools

Flocab science page

“Break It Down” Into Manageable Educational Elements

One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain. -Bob Marley THE WHAT & WHY If you haven’t used it yet (and why not?), Flocabulary is like a modern hip-hop version of “Schoolhouse Rock!”. It is easy to use and filled with meaningful and engaging content. It also works across devices. Flocabulary usually … Continue reading “Break It Down” Into Manageable Educational Elements